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Hey, I'm Sonya! I'm a Toronto based video specialist who creates engaging content that increases conversion rates.

Some of my many talents!
Editor by day  📹,
ukulelist by night  🎵
Sonya is a Toronto- based freelance video director and editor with a passion for all things visual. She has been a part of a variety of projects ranging from editing game trailers and music videos to travel videos and short films.

Her passion for film emerged when she was pursuing her Bachelors of Art, Design and Media from Richmond, The American International University in London. During her time there she decided to enter a short film competition with no prior knowledge of the filmmaking process, and won the 'Most Creative' award for her film. Since then she started teaching herself videography and video editing skills and began a freelance career the following year.

She later went on to pursue a formal diploma in Video Design and Production from George Brown College to widen her skillset in the field.​She has made videos for clients such as George Brown College, Council Fire, Voila Learning, Wooden Panda and Ripple Media among others
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Loctote - Antitheft Sack

This promo was made for Loctote to highlight the features of their Anti Theft Sack.

Chef Thor Bread Making

This promo was made for George Brown College to promote their bread making masterclasses.

Loctote - Cinch Pack

This promo was made for Loctote, an anti theft bag brand , to showcase the features of their products.

GBC Continuing Education

This promo was made to show the variety of Continuing Education culinary courses available at George Brown College.

Motion Graphics

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SGI - New Year Animation

This short New Year animation was made for SGI Canada's social media platforms.

SGI - When we chant

This animation was created for Buddhist children to teach them about the benefits of chanting.

Viola Learning - Company Story

This infographic was made for Voila Learning (now Tech Adaptika), a French Ed-Tech organization which is redefining the future of virtual learning.

Short Films & Experimental

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Inhibited - Short Film

Inhibited is a short film exploring PTSD through a comedic lens. The film has been selected in multiple festivals internationally.

Sistering - Documentary

This mini documentary was made to highlight and discuss the work Sistering does to help women in need.

Enigma - Short Horror

A short vignette exploring the horror genre.

Word on the street!

Jack Ewing

Supervisor of Ingest Operations, Juice Worldwide

I had the pleasure of working with Sonya for two years. In that time it was easy to see how quick she is to pick up and hone new skills along with the ones she has developed over the years. She is a fabulous addition to any team, and a strong collaborator. You'd be doing the right thing by having her as part of your operation.

Ajanda Sivam

Senior Brand Executive, Wooden Panda

Sonya’s professionalism in tandem with her creativity were some of the many defining traits that led Wooden Panda to use her services for our different creative projects. I would highly recommend her creative services to anyone that’s looking to take their brand a step above.

Pam Morgan

Senior Brand Executive, Wooden Panda

I’ve worked with Sonya for several years. She is a dedicated video technician with a passion for learning and problem solving. She is a friendly and engaging person who is easy to work with.

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Word on
the street!
Sonya is a Toronto- based freelance video director and editor with a passion for all things visual.

Sam Kennedy

Marketing Lead, Twitter

We had an incredible experience working with Sonya and were impressed they made such a big difference in only three weeks. Our team is so grateful for the wonderful improvements they made and their ability to get familiar with the product concept so quickly.

Bella Smith

Customer Success Manager, Flowbase

To show the value of what you have to offer, why not let your happy customers do the talking? It's a simple but powerful tool for establishing trust...